Hunters Glen. A Great Place to Live in Missouri City, Texas
Hunters Glen
       Hunters Glen Association (Sections 1 and 2), a family-oriented,
       mature community located in Missouri City, Texas.    
               A Deed Restricted Community
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Hunters Glen Association Board Members
Posted on Oct 7th, 2016
Hunters Glen Association Re-elected and Newly Elected Board Members:
Returning:  Eugene Halley, Elaine Brunson, Dr. E. Felix, Gwen Carper,
Willie M. Wilson, Yolanda Griffin
Newly Elected:  Earnice Jenkins, Joseph Thomas, Deborah Reece
Missouri City's City Council Approves FY 2017 Budget
Posted on Aug 25th, 2016
City Council Unanimously Approve
At their Monday, June 20 Regular Meeting, Missouri City Council Members unanimously approved and adopted the Fiscal Year 2017 annual budget. The total adopted budget for FY2017 is $105,975,617 for all funds, with a General Fund Budget of $43,766,630, or 41 percent of the total budget.
WCA Solid Waste and Recycle Pick-up Services
Posted on Jan 15th, 2016
WCA is our New Solid Waste and Recycle Services Provider
Contact number for WCA:  281 403 5800
Hunters Glen section 1 and 2 
2016 Holiday Collection Schedule
Participants in the municipal program will receive regular collection from WCA Waste Corp. on the following holidays:
Monday, Jan. 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Friday, March 25: Good Friday
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day
Monday, July 4: Independence Day
Monday, Sept. 5: Labor Day
Thursday, Nov. 24: Thanksgiving
Sunday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day, regular pick up on Monday, Dec. 26
Trash and yard waste pick-up  -   Tuesday and Friday
Recycling Center Is Permanently Closed
The Missouri City Recycling Center—located adjacent to the City Hall Complex at 1919 Scanlin Rd.—permanently closed on Feb. 29, 2016 and will no longer accept recyclable items.
As part of the City’s Municipal Solid Waste Program, residents serviced by WCA Waste Corp will now receive curbside recycling pickup and green waste pickup. For your subdivision’s pickup days, please review your WCA solid waste and recycle zone fliers or contact the company’s Missouri City Customer Service Center at 281.403.5800.
Cell Phones
General drop-off locations include:
City Hall Lobby (1522 Texas Pkwy.)
Municipal Court Lobby (3845 Cartwright Rd.)
Police Station Lobby (3849 Cartwright Rd.)
Parks Maintenance Facility (1523 Texas Pkwy.)

Garbage may be disposed of at the BFI Blue Ridge Landfill:
2200 FM 521 Rd.
Fresno, TX 77545
Ph: 281.835.6142

Household Hazardous Materials & Electronics
The Fort Bend County Recycling Center accepts glass, scrap metal, paper, plastics, Styrofoam, antifreeze, car/truck batteries, oil filters, used motor oil, cooking oil and rechargeable batteries free of charge. Electronics, pesticides, paints, bulbs and many other items can be dropped off for a fee.
The voucher program is temporarily suspended. The Fort Bend County Recycling & HHW Center is still accepting materials for a fee. For a complete list of facility hours, items accepted, and disposal fees, please visit the 
Fort Bend County Website or call 281.633.7581.
The Fort Bend County Recycling Center is located at:
1200 Blume Rd.
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Electronics Recycling Events
Electronics recycling events are hosted in partnership with Missouri City Green, usually twice a year. For more details on these events, please visit the Missouri City Green Website.
Tree Trimmings
Tree trimmings may be disposed of at Living Earth Technology for a fee:
1503 Industrial Dr.
Missouri City, TX 77489
Ph: 281.499.5641 
For Disabled Individuals or if you need assistance taking out your trash cart:
please click the link and fill out the form (please review the instructions to receive assistance or call WCA 281 403 5800)
City of Missouri City Solid Waste link:
In need of the old trash recepticle(s) picked-up call REPUBLIC:  713 726 7300 or  713 726 7600.  
How Much Do You Know About the "Open Carry Law"?
Posted on Jan 14th, 2016
Report a Crime Tip
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2011
To report a tip anonymously click the link below.

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~ President's Page ~
           From the Desk of the President                 

Since taking on the responsible of leading this HOA in April of this year, I have been constantly putting out fires.  Things that should have been handled years ago have surfaced, but remained unaddressed.   People we can’t afford to keep burying our heads in the sand and wish our problems will go away.
Truth, we take in approximately $50,000 yearly, but need $150,000 to $200,000 to operate effectively.  Truth is $108 for annual fees is not enough to pay to maintaining the swimming pool, pay for management services, keep the lights on and the grass cut in the subdivision’s common areas.  Yes, other HOAs in the area are collecting annual fees in the range of $400-$500 yearly.  Truth is we have difficulty collecting $50,000 a year.  And you know, we have asked for a special self assessment of an additional $92 for the upcoming year to make necessary repairs to our clubhouse and the children’s playground, and people are fighting us on this. 
Truth is, our children are playing in the streets and unauthorized basketball goals are going up in driveways and streets throughout the neighborhood.  We need to have people remove these because of deed restrictions.  If this is done, where will our children play?  Truth is, we have a playground area where children could play, but it has been closed because of heavy drug activity in the park, broken playground equipment, and residents using the areas as a dog walk.  Truth is these residents are not cleaning up after their dogs.
Tired of hearing the truth, there is another all important truth you need to know:  All board members work for free.  Most of them have jobs to support their families, a couple are retired, but have lives of their own.  You want the board to police your neighborhood to see that grass and trees are cut, abandoned cars removed, fences repaired, deed restrictions enforced, and all community problems solved all out a budget of less than $50,000 a year.  No matter how you try to stretch that little money, something gets neglected. 
Let us take a look at your reasonable expectations.  You want someone to look after your interests, like patrolling the neighborhood, building a common fence around the neighborhood, fix the children’s playground, fix the tennis courts, repair the clubhouse and fix the swimming pools, and hold community fun activities throughout the year.  These are reasonable expectations for a healthy HOA, but for a neglected 40 year old HOA without proper operating capital, this is very unreasonable.
Now lets look at the make up of the HOA Board.  All members are volunteers.  A few are elected and a few are appointed to fill vacancies.   A common characteristic of  board members is they love their community.  They realize that if no one does anything, our community will cease to exist.  Most members have little time to devote to handling the workings of the community;  and thus, most activities are handled by the HOA President and any available board member at the time.  The position of HOA President has morphed into a very stressful fulltime unpaid position with demands for the residents, Missouri City, contractors, and others. 
Ok, now you have the picture.  What are you willing to do about it?  Are you content to let our neighborhood fall deeper into disrepair?  Or, are you going to do something about it?  Some of you maybe asking “what can I do other than support the Special Assessment?”  Well you could volunteer to head or serve on committees.  You could contribute some of your time to run for election as a board member.  You can also talk to your neighbors about things that are important to you, and attend monthly board meetings. 
Finally, stay informed.  Make it a point to know what is going on in your community by frequently visiting and referring others to our community website:  

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